Drachselsrieder Kirwa

Drachselsried Kirwa 2017

Drachselsried Kirwa

1st September to
4th September 2017

Preparing for the procession
Local village Fire Service
Burgermeister taps the first beer
Beer hall opens for Kirwa
Drachselsried Street Market
StreetFood at the market
More StreetFood
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Drachselsried KirwaThe 45th Drachselsrieder Kirwa was held from the 1st to 4th September. As 1st September is also the first official day of autumn the weather decided to change from the 26-28c from earlier in the week to a cold and wet 16c. The Kirwa is a church festival originally called Kirchweih, now a yearly village festival.

Friday Procession

The village is very lucky to have two successful breweries the, “Schlossbräu” and “Falterbräu” (See map for location). Each takes it in turns to host the Kirwa, this year it is the Falter Breweries turn. The horse drawn beer wagon leads the procession followed by different groups from the village, finishing at the brewery. One of the first actions is the tapping of the first Mass bier by the village Burgermeister. The rest of the evening was spent talking, eating and drinking, with a local music group playing.

Saturday Market

The highlight for the many visitors is the street market that follows the main road through the village. The number of stalls varies, this year it was just under 200. Plenty of Streetfood stalls. Weather was depressing. but that did not stop the people from enjoying themselves.


This is the day for seniors meet up and enjoy time spent together. Members of the local Senior homes are also present.


The last day, Normally for clubs, companies and Burgermeisters from other towns and villages. The festival closes before midnight.