Drachselsried History

Drachselsried history goes back a long time. I have to thank a villager for contacting the Bavarian radio station “Bayern 1” how Drachselsried got it’s name.¬†This history will be updated as more information comes available.

Drachselsried was first mentioned in 1184 as Drasselsriede and in 1343 as Drechselsried. The first part of the name is of a person called Mr. Drassel or Mr. Drechsel. The word “ried” means a forest clearing, so a clear place in the forest was named after the person who found it. The “s” after Drachsel shows it was a person. Not certain when the “e” turned into an “a”.

Our village church is called “Sankt √Ągidius” or in the modern English, St. Giles.

has more information on the origin. One of our two local breweries has called their “WeissbierAegidi. Please send an email with any other village information you would like added to this site, this is a free service.

Drachselsried is situated in the Naturpark of the Bayerischer Wald and is a modern village with many facilities but still maintains it’s old world charm. This is a great place to live and own property.

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See the official Drachselsried website in Deutsch. There is also some local information in English