January 2016

There was a wide variety of items for sale by auction. Many different types including a cycle trainer, a live cockerel, bread, sausages, smoked hams, wine, crates of beer, fresh brezen. Also a number of large freshly cooked pizzas, which when purchased, were eaten by the people seated at the table. Plenty of beer was on offer. After all Drachselsried does have two breweries. A short video is at the end of the slides.

Christbaumversteigerung Prizes

The Auction

This started about 8pm and lasted until about 10:30pm. Every item was successfully sold and the amount of money raised by the Christbaumversteigerung was over €7,000. The finale was different from every other auction.

Drachselsried Christbaumversteigerung

A Christmas tree was cut in half and a number of items, like different types of sausage, chocolate, a breze,  a bag of noodles decorated the tree. Then the auction started for the top part of the tree. The amount raised was anywhere between €50 and a €100, after payment and an item was removed from the tree, it was then given back to be re-auctioned.

Many of the buyers were from other village fire services, local businesses or hotels. In this way a large amount of money was raised. This tradition helps the local Fire Service raised much needed funds.


Auction underway

Freshly backed Leberkäs, sold to the highest bidder

Local baked bread

Cockerel sold after a lot of bidding

Demonstrating the fitness bike to potential customers

Big pan pizza sold to a lot of hungry people

Local smoked ham, a very popular item

Hear and see the Auction

This tradition is held every year early Januay

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