Rufbus is a Call a bus service


Rufbus in Drachselsried


Rufbus is the local name for a “Call a Bus” service between certain villages around Drachselsried. Different services are available from some of the main connection points. For Drachselsried this is Bodenmais. Others include Zwiesel, Viechtach.

Bookings can be made under 09921 94 99 964, English spoken, or on-line at (only in German)

Bus, and Train

Bavarian WaldbahnUsing the “Call a bus” service from Drachselsried, the bus is available between Drachselsried, Arnbruck and Viechtach, then connections by train can be made. A very good trip using Rufbus is Drachselsried to Viechtach, the train to Goteszell, train to Zwiezel, train to Bodenmais and bus to Drachselsried. All for about €12 per person. A great way to spend the day sighting, and the train ticket can be used multiple times on the one day. Other trips from Drachselsried to Bodenmais and onto Munich, or Passau can be made. Ticket prices are for train fares are different. Also a great idea in the wintertime to go skiing.

Very popular is taking the train and the cycling back along the prepared forest track. Bikes can be taken on the bus and train.

One hour

As long as the Rufbus is booked at least 1 hour in advance there should be no problem, the bus services finishes at 21:00, on Sundays about 15:20. Car free travel from Drachselsried to many parts of Bavaria can be undertaken using the local Rufbus, or “Call a bus” service.

Great idea, good for the environment and your pocket. More information on the Drachselsried resources