2016 Broadband for Drachselsried

Installing the broadband cable

Broadband (breitband)cable to Blachendorf and Oberried

In partnership with the Bavarian Government, the Drachselsried area is upgrading the local Internet cable to super fast broadband, or Breitband. This should be completed and in operation by the end of the year. Resulting in download speeds between 30Mbits – 50Mbits, and uploads speeds 2.7Mits – 10Mbits.

The installation of glass fibre cables for the high speed  Internet Broadband is under way. This cable extends from Drachselsried to Blachendorf and Oberried.


Installing new broadband cables



Road works everywhere



Getting Broadband ready



Existing users will still be able to access the Internet with DSL, a new cable will provide VDSL-DSLAM. This means to access the Internet connection a new router will be needed. The FritzBox 7490 is recommended, there are international language versions available.


An insider confirms that when the system is fully operational, towards the end of 2016, a free Hotspot at the local Information centre will be available.