2018 Kirwa in Drachselsried is over.

Drachselsried Kirwa

The Kirwa started on 31st August on a wet and cold day, but this did not stop the procession from the village centre to the Schlossbräu beer hall. After a wonderful summer the weather changed on the first day.

As the village has two well known breweries, they take turns in share the Kirwa festival. Kirwa is a combination of religious and beer festivals, plus on Saturday the open air street market.

Bruckmayer’s Drachselsrieder Schlossbräu

Bottles of Kirwa beer

For many people, the chance to drink this years beer in their own homes, was available in bottles. But this does not have the same effect as drinking from a Masskrug (1 litre) surrounded by hundreds of local people, guests and visitors.

Street Market

Part of the main street market Dark heavy clouds over Drachselsried

Due to the weather, the number of market stalls and visitors was down on previous years, but at least it stayed dry.

Bier Hall

Drachselsried Kirwa

This normally used as the storage hall for the brewery, but makes a good place to enjoy a great bier and food. Lively music on all four days.

Kirwa is held every year at the end of August.